For over 20 years ABB has been at the forefront of water industry innovations, with our dedicated water specific variable-speed drives through to our recently launched WIMES-compliant motor.  We have helped guide the industry to better understand the true cost of ownership of drives and motors when applied to pumps, blowers and other applications.  And we have expressed the importance of life cycle services to ensure a pump system will operate effectively for the next 20 years and beyond.
Key benefits of using ABB for your complete drive-train include:
  • Lower energy consumption, gas emissions and pollution levels
  • High reliability and reduced mechanical stress on electric motors, resulting in maximised uptime and greater productivity
  • Lower reactive power consumption, meaning less investment in electrical network compensation devices, such as filters
  • Reduced harmonic distortion to the electricity supply network
  • Higher process quality and reliability
  • Reduced installation, operation and maintenance costs
Medium voltage drives improve life cycle costs at pumping station
Case studies
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Maintain uptime with a Reliability Assessment
Maximising profit means every part of your process is running uninterrupted. A reliability assessment considers all aspects of your drive-train that is powering your motor-driven applications, and it gives you knowledge to determine exactly where your process stands.

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Reduce costs with an Energy & Productivity Assessment
In all motor-driven applications there are opportunities to improve energy efficiency and fine-tune productivity levels. In just half-a-day, an ABB energy & productivity assessment will show  where these hidden energy savings can be found as well as ways to maximise uptime.

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Life cycle services
Proactive maintenance minimises disruption to motor-driven applications, helping to maintain uptime and keep systems competitive. Proactive maintenance is just one of the services offered by ABB to ensure drive-trains remain productive and cost-efficient throughout their life cycle.

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First IE4 synchronous reluctance motor and drive package installed
First screw generator saves Yorkshire Water £127,000 per year

Controlling whole life costs throughout the water cycle

How much is your drive-train really costing?
Cost of ownership - or whole life cost - has been traditionally the purchase price plus the cost of running, or operating expenditure. However, the most important cost associated with ownership is the cost of not running.

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